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mailing and courier bagsDesigned for postal or courier transport, mailing bags are light, waterproof and have an integral adhesive strip. Our stocked ranges cover economy and 'Tuff' mailers, mailorder and courier bags, tamper proof, bubble and even high impact metallic advertising mailers.

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For a range of high quality mail order bags, mailing envelopes, and all types of courier sacks please visit mailing bags and courier bags at, where you can buy online securely at discount prices.

Mail order bags are produced with a high quality film, designed to be lightweight but tuff. It offers excellent levels of resistance along with excellent opacity in order to keep your product safe, secure and dry through the harshest of delivery systems.

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Index A Page A4 Push Lock Bottom Carton 49 Adhesive Envelopes 13 Adhesive Tapes 6-12 Air Pillows 21 Archive Carton 48 B Bin Liners 43 Book Binding Tape 9 Boot Knife 15 Bubble Bags 25 Bubble Tubing 25 Bubble Void Fill 22 Bubble Wrap 24-26 Builders Film 30 Bundling Film 27 Business Card Box es 49 Butchers Paper 21 C Cake Box es, Circles & Trays 58 Cardboard Corner Protectours 49 Cardboard Pallet Corners 30 Cardboard Pallet Pads 31 Cardboard Partitions 58 Cardboard Tubes 20 Carry Handle Die Cut Carton 56 Carton Liners 42 Cartons (Custom Made) 59 Cartons (new 2 part) 47 Cartons (Second-hand) 62 Cartons (Stock Size) 44-57 Corrugated Cardboard Rolls 23 Corrugated Sheets and Pads 58 Cloth Tape 9 Curved Angle Protectours 31 Cushioned Mailers 18 Custom Made Cartons 59 Custom Made Die Cut Cartons etc 58 Custom Made Plastic Bags 43 Custom Made Tapes 12 Cutter Blades 15 Cutter Knives 15 D Dangerous Goods Labels 13 Die Cut Cartons (Custom) 60 Die Cut Cartons (Stock Size) 52-55 Die Cut inserts 60 Document Envelopes 13 Double Sided Tape Tissue 9 Duct Tapes 11 E Export Skid 38 F Filament Tape 8 Fragile Tape 11 Page 4 H Hand Cleaners 17 Hand Towel Rolls 17 Heat Sealers 41 Heavy Duty Packaging Tape 9 Hot Melt Glue Gun 16 I & J Invoice Enclosed Envelopes 13 Jiffy Bags 18 Jiffy Mailers Shur Tuff 20 K Knives and Knife Blades 15 Kraft Bubble Wrap 24 Kraft Paper Rolls 21 L Labels 13 Live Plant Cartons 57 M Machine Tape 8 Machine Stretch Wrap 28 Mail Lite Bags 19 Manilla Shipping Tags 14 Marker Pens 14 Masking Tape 8 Mattress Bags 42 Measuring Tape 14 P Packaging Tape 6-12 Pallet Strapping Tape 9 Pallet Caps 29 Pallet Corners 30 Pallet Bags 29 Pallet Pads / Sheets 31 Pallet Tubing 29 PET Strapping & Seals 35 Picture Carton 48 Pizza Box es 56 Plastic Angles 35 Plastic Bags 37-40 Plastic Bags (Custom Made) 43 Plastic Bags (Press Seal) 40 Plastic Corner Protectour 35 POF Shrink Film 32 Point of Sales items 61 Poly Foam 25 Poly Strapping (Hand Rolls) 34 Poly Strapping (Machine) 35 Poly Strapping Machines Buy or Hire 35 Poly & PET Strapping Tools 35 Polypropylene Lashing 36 Poly Strapping Seals Buckles 34 Poly Tubing 41 Port-a-robe 48 Postal Die Cut Cartons 49 Printed Cartons 59 Printed Tapes 11 Push lock Bottom A4 Carton 49 PVC Shrink Film 32 R Rubber Bands 14 Riggers Gloves 15 S Second-hand Cartons 62 Self Seal Plastic Bags 40 Shipping Tags 14 Shrink Film POF & PVC 32 Shur Tuff Jiffy Mailers 20 Singlet Bags 42 Sisalkraft 20 Spare Parts Box es 60 polythene suppliers & Staplers 16 Stationery Tape 10 Stationery Tape Dispensers 10 Steel Strapping & Dispensers 33 Steel Strapping Seals 33 Steel Strapping Tools 33 Stock Size Cartons 44-57 Strapping Machines 35 Stretch Wrap (Hand Rolls) 27 Stretch Wrap (Machine Rolls) 28 Stretch Wrap Dispenser 28 Supa Labels 13 T Tape 6 Tape Measure 14 Tape Dispensers 7 Tissue Paper 21 Tissue Tape 10 ToFrom Labels 13 Toilet Rolls 17 Transfer Tape (Double Sided) 10 Twistems 15 Two Piece Cartons 47 U Utility Bags 19 V Void Fill 22


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Wet mail should be a thing of the past with the Purple Military mailing sacks we are starting to receive.

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View our assortment of white, colored, and metallic bubble mailing bags here now. Most of our poly bubble mailers are manufactured in the United Kingdom, utilising high-quality materials which are lightweight, water-resistant, and tear-proof. Shop our spectrum of bright shipping bags that stand-out and acquire discounts for bulk shipping bag orders.

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lp mailers description record United Kingdom .

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Mailing Bags are becoming more and more popular with the advance of online shopping, they are now used in the delivery in most products from clothing to electronics and even household items.

Plastic Envelopes

Plastic Envelopes with Tuck Flap Closure

Types of bags

Economy mailers

economy mailersOur economy range for simple but effective protection - plain and coloured mailers plus the Mailite range with a pre-printed address window. The cheapest way to send literature to your customers and staff and much lighter than paper envelopes.

Discount mailing bags

For more information and a list of handy resources on mail-order envelope products such as plastic mailers and mailing bags, please visit the discount mailing bags website.

Heavy duty postal mailers

heavy duty postal mailersHeavy duty postal mailers are thicker opaque mailers in a strong co-extruded material where you need to be sure that the mailer can withstand some rough handling in transit.

Courier sacks

courier sacksMassively popular range of large and very large courier sacks with double seals - get a sample to see the tough quality!

Security mailers

security mailersSecurity mailers are extra thick (360 gauge) white opaque mailers with a Tamper Evident Sealing Strip. The welds have a side skirt as well to give extra security to the package - for that top secret document!

Jiffy mailers

jiffy mailersThe standard featherpost 'jiffy style' mailers are paper padded envelope with a self seal strip for closure. This range is bubble lined rather than pulp filled so whilst being padded to protect contents they are also very light.

Paper feel plastic envelopes

A plastic envelope with the feel of paper (but much stronger and waterproof of course).

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Mailing Bags specialist supplier of mailing bags, polythene mailers, courier bags and plastic envelopes. Offers discount ranges and high-impact ranges for all you mail-shot and postal packaging needs.

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